A Spectacular Finale to Your Special Day

We are able to tailor make each display meaning your display is unique to you!

If you have a special piece of music that you would like the display choreographed to, no problem!

If you would like the display customised to incorporate your colour scheme, we'd love to!


Does your venue have restrictions for noise or larger effects? We are able to offer a low noise display and because each display is custom made, the effects can be changed to suit both you and your venue without affecting the quality of the display and the lasting memories it will make.


We are of course happy to assist and provide guidance on effects to suit your music, discuss display duration and arrange displays to your budget etc. Contact us to discuss

The Ultimate

The ultimate wedding display and our most prestigious package

A 10-12 minute spectacular

Each one of these displays is customised to match your every pyrotechnic desire

Fired from several points across the site, these will impress even the most sceptical of audience members. Large calibre fireworks from the very best European manufacturers will dazzle and amaze your guests with the ultimate finale to your perfect day.

From £2,000 +VAT

The Spectacular

Our most popular show.

This show will memorise your guests and will captivate all in an awe-inspiring wonder.

Every show at this level is fully customised with you to fulfill your every requirement.

We will make this display completely yours we will match it to your wedding colour scheme. Like Cadbury purple? How about large violet bursts in the sky. Teal bridesmaid dresses? No problem, We have some of the best teal and aquamarine fireworks to suit.

You want it your way, with Fire Monkey Pyro you’ve got it!

From £1200 +VAT

The Power Pack

Our power pack is a 5-6 minutes display of pure pyro power.

In this show we use larger effects to truly decorate the sky. This superlative show will ensure your special day finishes with a huge bang.

We use some of the latest fireworks from the very best supplies from around the globe to grab your attention and give a truly hypnotizing finish to your nuptials.

*Note the video sample includes our Musical Upgrade Extra - Click Here to find out more.

From £800 +VAT


Pyromusical displays have become the pinnacle of firework excellence and here at Fire Monkey Pyro we pride ourselves on providing some of the best displays to be seen.

Award Winning – All pyromusical events begin with a private consultation when booked. From this we work with you to create your perfect showstopper. Using the latest and most amazing effects we choreograph a show to your choice of music. Whether the 1812 Overture is your thing or you are a dyed in the wool ABBA fan we can craft a display to excite. From Dubstep to Debussy, Verdi to Vengaboys, we will perform the perfect display to help make your celebration unforgettable!

From £1,200 +VAT

The Saver Pack

Our starter pack. Don’t let the name fool you.

This display is ideal for any venue and is tailored to your requirements and colour scheme. Ideal for wedding of up to 150 guests lasting for around 5 minutes this display packs a punch. The very best products on the market co-ordinated into a spectacle that you and your guests will wonder at for years to come.

From £595 +VAT

Low Noise Displays

Here at Fire Monkey Pyro we understand that some venues require a quieter approach, or perhaps you’re looking for a fantastic display without the typically associated noise.

We have vast experience in catering for these requirements/sites and have worked on some of the best noise sensitive locations around the country.

With low noise, each display is bespoke to the venue and clients. We work closely with you and your venue to ensure a magical display is produced to everyone’s expectations.

Examples: Fountains – embroidery fountains cascade a patchwork of pastel stars into the night or whooshing jets of ice white diamonds flittering into the sky

Parachutes – slow falling stars twinkling as they fall through the night sky.

Falling Leaves – brightly coloured stars that drape down contrasting against the twilight backdrop

From £895 +VAT

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We sample fireworks from the top manufacturers to enable us to produce the very best displays that money can buy.

Note: Effects are subject to change due to availability, venue restrictions, safety distances and weather conditions. If we need to change an effect, we strive to use an alternative of equal or greater value. Occasional variations with individual fireworks can occur which are outside of our control, therefore all show durations are approximate.

There is no mistake that fireworks are an extravagant extra to any event.

However, the lasting impression of fireworks goes beyond the night of the display.

Sharing photos, videos and stories between friends and family. Reminiscing and recounting the experience of witnessing it up close throughout the year and on every anniversary of your event. 


We can arrange videography to provide high quality footage of the display and the reaction from yourselves and guests.


Find out more here or contact us for further information

Sure, the display may only last a few minutes but the impression it leaves lasts a lifetime!

*100 Free Sparklers are supply only. The use of these is subject to venue approval and supervision whilst in use rests with the event organiser