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Terms & Conditions of Booking

Our Service
All our professionally fired displays (both bespoke and wedding packages) include a fully comprehensive service as follows:

Site survey - to assess suitability of site, advise on firework types, spectator / firing / fallout areas
Risk assessment - to identify potential hazards and minimise risks to all parties and property
Supply of Category 3 & 4 (professional use only) fireworks and pyrotechnic effects
Supply of firing systems and all hardware required to fire display
Transportation of fireworks, equipment, rigging and crew to and from display venue 
Setup of hardware, rigging and fireworks
Site clean-up - following all shows we will clear the site of debris and any un-fired pyrotechnic devices
Execution - we will fire your display safely, as ordered, and in a spectacular manner
Full event insurance £10,000,000 Employers Liability £5,000,000 Public Liability (£10m Public Liability can be arranged on request) - for large scale events this can be increased however we will require notification in writing at least 4 weeks prior to firing date 

Unless otherwise stated, the client is responsible for the following:

Notification to authorities - Fire brigade, police, NATS (National Air Traffic Services) (if the display is within 10 miles of an airport). We also advise that you inform neighbours such as hospitals, farmers etc if they are in a close proximity. For wedding displays, this will usually be the responsibility of the venue but it is always best to check.
Safety equipment not specific to the display itself, such as crowd barriers / ropes, warning signage etc
Site safety - it is the responsibility of the event organiser to make sure that adequate safety measures are in place. This includes firing site perimeter security and stopping the public from entering into the firing site during setup or firing. The Display Team Leader has, at any time during the show, the power to stop the show, should the safety of the public and / or the firing crew be compromised.
Access - access to and from the display site should be clear at all times - in the case of an emergency, emergency vehicles should be able to access the site without hinderance
Emergency briefing - all stewards and event organisers will be adequately prepared to deal with an emergency
Communication - the client will notify us as soon as practically possible of any changes, particularly those that may effect the fireworks to be used such as a change of spectator / firing site location

Booking a Display

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties:


To secure a booking in our show diary, we require your completed booking form plus a £50.00 or 25% non-refundable booking fee. This booking fee will be taken from the total show cost with the remaining balance being due in full no later than 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the display date.

For short-notice bookings of 14 days or less, full payment is required upon booking.

Payment - upon receipt of your booking form and booking fee, we will issue an invoice for the remaining balance. Cheques should be made payable to Fire Monkey Fireworks Ltd, other payment methods will be detailed on the invoice
All prices quoted are in UK Pounds Sterling.
If payment terms are not met, Fire Monkey Pyro reserve the right to cancel the display, your booking fee will be non-refundable

Termination / Cancellation of display


Cancellation notification MUST be given in writing by email to

If the client cancels a booking giving more than 4 weeks (28 days) notice a refund of the monies paid to date will be given less the non refundable booking fee.


If cancellation is made within 4 weeks (28 days) of the display date, refund of monies paid will be at the discretion of Fire Monkey Pyro and will be less the non refundable booking fee and costs already incurred.

If the display is cancelled or disallowed by the venue for any reason beyond the control of Fire Monkey Pyro, the above terms will apply.

In the unlikely event that Fire Monkey Pyro have to cancel the display due to extreme weather conditions (this has never happened so far), we will refund 75% if set up has not started, 25% if set up has been completed.

We will always do everything in our power to ensure that a display goes ahead, however we reserve the right to cancel without compensation on the grounds of safety. Fire Monkey Pyro's Display Manager on the day, will have sole responsibility for this decision. Reasons for cancellation include inadequate safety distance, poor crowd control and/or lack of stewards, inadequate or non-existent safety line/fence, livestock in close proximity to the display site

Please Note: We have never had to cancel a display due to extreme weather conditions or any other reason. We carry out a thorough site survey and risk assessment to ensure that any potential problems are discussed with the client and we would always seek to come to an agreeable cancellation decision, which in almost all circumstances, would be based purely on the safety of the audience and / or firing crew.

Client Obligation

The client agrees to pay in full the company for the display on the dates as detailed on the booking form.

Notification of Loss or Damage at the Display 

Notification by the client or any third party of any alleged damage to any person or property either directly or indirectly caused by the actions omissions or effects of the company must be made immediately following the display and before the senior firer departs from the display site.

Failure to make a claim within such time limits and of which time limits shall be of the essence except where client or third party is reasonably unable to so comply shall constitute unqualified acceptance of display and a waiver by client or third party of all claims relating to loss or damage.

Should any person receive any injury alleged caused either directly or indirectly by the actions omissions or effects of the company these must be made immediately following the display and before the senior firer departs from the display site by the person concerned or if not able to do so by a qualified person in authority to report such an incident.

Force Majeure 

Company may cancel the display totally or partially without any liability to the client for failure to deliver or delay in delivery during any period in which it is prevented from or hindered or delayed in supplying or delivering by normal route or means of delivery the display of the description covered by contract through any circumstances outside the control of company including but not limited to wars fires strikes lockouts accident reductions or governmental action whether within or outside the UK or in the event of a reduction or cessation in the avail ability of the said display products or materials for any reason whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the company.

Company Responsibility

The Senior Firer on site holds all responsibility on behalf of the company with regards to the safe firing of the display in line with the risk assessment. If in their opinion it is not safe for whatever reason to fire all or part or any specific effect they will suspend or cancel that part or all of the display. In such circumstances the company reserves the right to charge the client the full amount of the display or credit part of the display costs as the circumstances dictate. If due to poor weather conditions the display is cancelled by the company after consultation with the client, the company reserves the right to charge the client the full amount of the display or credit part of the display costs as the circumstances dictate. The senior firer will make their decision on firing a display based on the safety of the pyrotechnic crew the public and property involved. Their decision is final and binding and will not be swayed by financial gains or losses by the client or company set against the safety of the persons involved either directly or indirectly.

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