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Pyromusical displays have become the pinnacle of firework excellence and here at Fire Monkey Pyro we pride ourselves on providing some of the best displays to be seen.

Award Winning – All pyromusical events begin with a private consultation when booked. From this we work with you to create your perfect showstopper. Using the latest and most amazing effects we choreograph a show to your choice of music. Whether the 1812 Overture is your thing or you are a dyed in the wool ABBA fan we can craft a display to excite. From Dubstep to Debussy, Verdi to Vengaboys, we will perform the perfect display to help make your celebration unforgettable!

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Fireworks for a Crowd



Each one of our pyromusical displays is designed from start to finish following consultation with you to understand your music selection, duration requirement and favourite effects.


Each display is one of a kind and unique to you and each effect will be carefully chosen to match the music so they will burst at the perfect moment.


We use the latest FireByWire design software. This  state of art software assists us in turning your requirements and our vision into a stunning display with split second precision timing.


Upon booking a pyromusical with us, we will arrange a consultation with you to determine what is required, and what is safe to fire. We will discuss:


  • Music - We can design your display to any song or piece of music. Whether the 1812 Overture is your thing or an ABBA fan. From Dubstep to Debussy, Verdi to Vengaboys. If you are stuck for the perfect track then let us use our experience to recommend music and effects to suit your event, the final decision is always yours. We utilise high quality audio files for our displays to ensure there is no distortion in sound at higher volumes.

  • Venue and firing site - Whilst YOU are our client, we must take care to meet the requirements of your venue. They may have restrictions on noise, access, times or (hopefully not) dislike fireworks altogether. We will need to undertake a site visit prior to desiging to complete a Risk Assessment and site plan which will determine the maximum calibre fireworks that can safely be fired, the surrounding neighbours and land and how many positions we can fire from. This is usually three to five positions but each venue is different and have varying fall out areas and restrictions. 

  • Effects, Colours and Special Extras - we can design the display to your individual desires - corporate colours, favourite effect, special anniversary, football team colours - or maybe you just like lots of glitter, crackle or BIG BANGS! Give us a call to discuss

  • Budget -In most instances can work with you to design a display to fit your budget. A lot of time and work is put in to designing pyromusicals, simple editing of a track can take hours before we even look at a firework! For this reason our minimum pyromusical display price is £1,200+VAT. 

Our added extras are available for all display options - check it out here!

There is no mistake that fireworks are an extravagant extra to any event.

The lasting impression of fireworks goes beyond the night of the event. Sharing photos, videos and stories between friends and family. Reminiscing and recounting the experience of witnessing it up close throughout the year and on every anniversary of your event.

Speak to us about Photography for your display.

The anticipation of whats going to happen.....

The excitement when you hear the 'thud' of the first one firing.....

The glittering trail whooshing into the sky before it explodes, giving you an adrenaline awaking pulse in your chest as it spreads into a wide, sky filling ball of stars and cascades down into twinkling rain against the black sky.....

You eyes fixated on the spectacle in front you as your mind flits between whats happening and how long it will last before the next effect.

Sure, the display may only last a few minutes but the impression it leaves lasts a lifetime!

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